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As one of the premier digital agencies in Sri Lanka, Loops takes pride in shaping and redefining Sri Lanka’s digital space on a daily basis. In order to drive change in the online world, Loops continuously partners with influencers and industry leaders – those who possess the power to transform and revolutionize the world as we know it.


As a part of its mission to fuel digital disruption and innovation, Loops joined hands with YouTube Open Mic Night, an event that’s the first of its kind in Sri Lanka – bringing together a vast array of digitally engaged Sri Lankans to share their thoughts and ideas, and become inspired to take the digital world by storm.

A Space for Ideas


It’s undeniable: YouTube has permeated our very existence, and is now an essential way of life. Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has grown to become a powerful tool for sharing content using the most effective mode of expression in today’s pop culture; video. As a universally accessible platform that reportedly pulls in as much as 1.8 billion viewers a month, YouTube has enabled a multitude of corporates and individuals to reach across the world, and quickly gain a status of popularity and ideally, superstardom.


The Rise of the YouTuber


With the rise in the culture of video sharing through YouTube, it was only a matter of time before home-grown talent became extremely popular, creating a foundation for the internet celebrities and personalities that came to be known as YouTubers. This thriving industry became more lucrative with the introduction of YouTube’s “Partner Program” in 2007, an arrangement of ad-revenue-sharing which enabled YouTubers to generate money from their uploaded content.


Today, the typical YouTuber holds an immense power in his/her hand – in fact, a select few could have far more influence over the general public than a traditional celebrity. As a YouTuber, any given person can share ideas and content in a far more authentic, relatable manner, creating a seemingly closer connection with an audience. In fact, it’s not wrong to say that if so required, YouTubers have the potential to change the world.


YouTubers : The Local Edition


As part of a fairly progressive nation, Sri Lankan youth are quick on the uptake. Made up of a host of familiar faces that greet us with regular updates and content, our very own local ‘Tubers serve as an important source of information and entertainment both here and overseas. Right now, the YouTube culture in Sri Lanka is rapidly developing, with far superior talent, content and innovative ideas being showcased everyday.


The Main Event

In recognition of the growing potential of this industry, the YouTube Open Mic Night took place on the 10th of August 2018 at the Shangri-La, powered by Google and organised by Google Business Group(GBG) Sri Lanka, with the objective of bringing the revolutionaries of the industry together on a single stage, to share their stories and inspire future generations willing to take the plunge into the uncertain digital space of YouTube.


The star-studded event was a resounding success, featuring thoughts from industry leaders and some of the most amazing talent the world of YouTube has to offer.


The exciting and informative lineup featured the likes of:


  • Prashanth – Google Country Head
  • Sajini – Google Community Manager GBG
  • Janith – Ideahell
  • Malinda – TechTrack
  • Chanux Bro
  • A video from Ape amma
  • Janai Priyai
  • Travel with Wife
  • Podda
  • FTT
  • Wasthi
  • Ashen of SL Diaries,

interspersed with performances by:

  • Dhanith
  • Nuwandi Eranga
  • Drill Team
  • DeepSounds Records


Amid a range of riveting performances, thought-provoking speeches and a whole lot of fun, here’s a few pointers we gathered from these digital disruptors who dared to dream.




For most aspiring YouTubers, creating a loyal subscriber base is one of the biggest challenges they face. In fact, tech mogul Chanux Bro, who earned much of his fame via YouTube, says:

                                                              “It’s easier to get 300,000 subscribers than to get a 1,000.”


The first 1,000 subscribers may be the hardest to get, but how does one go about creating content that will both bring the audiences to you, and then keep their attention?



According to a majority of the night’s speakers, it’s all about creating the right content. Many of them, including Drill Team (whose song Deviyange Bare has a staggering 1.2 million views), urged the audience to be bold, break away from the mainstream, and strive towards creating something new.

Podda, in his trademark style of blunt directness put it quite simply –

                                                                                         “Do something. Anything!”



He proceeded to speak to the audience about the importance of being fearless in the face of rejection and criticism, a crucial aspect of any YouTuber’s journey.

The Power of Positive Disruption


Another key theme of the night was the immense power of YouTube, enabling individuals to share stories and ideas – a platform with the potential to change lives. For Wasthi, a career on YouTube turned their lives around – a duo who started off with no money for clothes, now armed with sponsors for t-shirts alone.

Channels have the power to speak to us – inspire us, make us laugh, make us cry, and push us to take action. The ability to transform individuals, communities and the world – that’s the power of YouTube.


In a similar vein, Adeesha from FTT spoke passionately on how we are ideally positioned to change the dynamic of the digital era in Sri Lanka, by capitalizing on the sheer resources and talent available to us. In fact, he envisioned the conference as a stepping stone towards commencing the digital revolution in Sri Lan

A Helping Hand


Many aspiring videographers and content developers lack the space or resources to create their content. That’s where IdeaHell comes in. Much like YouTube, which provides a free platform to share content, IdeaHell is a state-of-the-art collaborative creator space that can be used freely to create quality content, with the support of the latest equipment and 20,000 square feet of space.


With the stage set for Sri Lankan youngsters looking to ride the digital wave, all that remains is to get into the act and make some engaging content. Now is the time to broadcast yourself to the world!

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