The story

Intelvison was gearing to launch their all-new internet packages with revamped superfast web speeds thanks to procuring their own underwater cable system. This was poised to be a milestone in the telecommunications industry in Seychelles because Intelvision was making internet unlimited and affordable to all.

The Goal

To come up with an electrifying new positioning that speaks about the extraordinary side of life that can be experienced with Intelvision’s new internet offerings.


By making Seychelles ‘Ex-ordinary’.

We devised a campaign that brings to light a comparison between what life was like before and after Intelvision’s new internet offerings. We created 2 protagonists that would take us on a journey of being ex-ordinary experiencing life on high with Intelvisions internet. Our campaign was devised on a proportional mix of functional and thematic qualities that exude vivid, vibrant and native tonalities.


What we achieved

After launching our ‘Ex-ordinary’ campaign on a 360-degree scale, we were able to garner a significant conversion rate from other networks to Intelvision. To make this campaign resonate with the people of Seychelles we adopted strategically cohesive brand, creative and channel strategies that were prepared in house for the international target market.

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