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Is Sri Lanka Ready for Augmented Reality?


The answer is, “Yes!”


If you’ve heard of or played Pokémon Go and or used Instagram or Snapchat Filters, then you know what Augmented Reality is.


Augmented Reality or AR is simply an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (usually a smartphone camera).


Why AR?


AR opens up new and amazing possibilities for interactive marketing campaigns that can be extremely useful or simply incredibly entertaining; both of which serve to increase engagement and conversion rates.


While the technology has been available for some time now, there were limitations to adoption in the past as you required third-party technology such as digital displays, third-party apps for users to download and device compatibility was also an issue. However, today most smartphones are AR compatible and you can load filters straight to your Facebook app.


A Home Grown Example


Pepsi Sri Lanka has launched an AR campaign, designed and developed by Loops, using Facebook’s AR platform. The campaign is designed to promote Pepsi and its current South Asian marketing theme in Sri Lanka, “Pepsi Ekka Swag”.


Users can interact with the Pepsi AR filter which is activated by raising your eyebrows.


Check it out by clicking here if you’re on mobile or by scanning the QR code below if you’re on a desktop.

Click here to inquire on Augmented Reality services by Loops.


Why Now?


While AR has gained plenty of traction elsewhere, in Sri Lanka, the revolution is only just beginning, which means the space is ripe with opportunity and brands who capitalize on this early will have a long-term advantage.


The Advantages


AR allows brands to personalize and tailor user experiences like never before and engage with users on a whole new level. Since the technology is also relatively new, early adopters can gain a competitive edge over their peers.

Creating an Impulsive Buying Environment – Data shows that in-store and in-person customers are more likely to make an impulsive buying decision than someone coming in online; the reason behind this is simple, more immersive experiences result in more impulsive buying decisions. AR has the potential to create almost life-like immersive experiences which in turn create a much more impulsive buying environment.


Opportunities for Experiential Marketing – Experiences that elicit an emotional response are the ones most likely to result in a sale. AR can be used to create immersive experiential marketing campaigns like never before. Brands that sell experiences, such as the leisure sector, can benefit greatly. Leading brands like Marriot already have AR campaigns that allow users to experience what a stay at a Marriot might be like before even coming.


Notable Examples


Ben & Jerry’s Facebook AR Filter – World famous ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has used Facebook’s AR platform to create a selfie filter that is also a game. The filter puts a pair of glasses on the user’s face and 5 ice cream cones at the bottom of the frame. The game involves the user catching marsh mellows in their mouths. After 5 failed attempts the game is over. The idea is genius in that it markets the product while also capitalizing on users’ competitive streaks to create engagement.

IKEA Place by IKEA – This is a great example of how a retailer has used AR to allow customers to point their phones at an empty space and then see how any piece of IKEA furniture might look in that space. Of course, this is an example of a standalone AR app as opposed to an implementation on a popular platform; nonetheless, it showcases how powerful the technology is.


The End Result


AR is the next step in digital marketing, catering to ever-increasingly mobile-savvy audiences demanding more immersion and interactivity. AR has triggered a revolution in social media and digital marketing that is sure to make consumers simply itch to press ‘buy’ and you should be a part of it!


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