An exercise in Brand Architecture and unity for respected Sri Lankan Shipping, vacations and Logistics companies.


The story

Helanka Vacations, Prudential Shipping, and Premium Logistics were separate companies under the ownership of the same family; of which one of the companies: Prudential Shipping was turning 25. These companies were known in their relevant fields, but were not a household name, nor was there any allusion to their common connection: the Mendis family.


The Goal

We were approached, by the family that runs these companies to create a film for their 25th anniversary of operations. Initially, it was supposed to be a simple film that encapsulated their experience, their services, and their one-ness as a family. This project evolved the further we delved into it; because before we knew it, we were to create an entirely new identity for this group of companies under the banner of one parent company

The How

We would launch a film, alongside their new branding and identity; conducting an exercise in brand architecture, and providing them with a narrative that touches the lives of everyone under the Mendis family.

Our Work

After naming the company, we shot the film to be released wherever MendisOne wanted to premiere their brand, we also created all of the branding to be displayed at their venue, and wherever they wanted to establish a presence. This exercise included the creation of Logos, building branding, and attire for staff.

What we achieved

There was finally uniformity across the brands. A sense of friendly competition was established among the staff; replacing indifference. The MendisOne name gave greater meaning to Helanka Vacations, Prudential Shipping, and Premium Logistics, reiterating on the point that they were indeed one family to begin with.



The heart and mind

Family was always the purpose, to unite everyone under one common goal, and under one vision and mission. We created a single name to funnel the reputation of the three companies into one tangible place….the MendisOne family.

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