Pepsi – A Seasonal Campaign for an Iconic Brand with Unlimited Swag!

The Story
Pepsi wanted to launch a seasonal campaign, in line with their regional “Pepsi Swag” theme for the Christmas season. The campaign launched at a time when Sri Lankans were somewhat down on morale, in the aftermath of the country’s economic crisis. Meanwhile Pepsi too had not made any big splashes in Sri Lanka for some time. So, there was an impetus to increase visibility and also help to boost morale and give people something fun to talk and think about.

The Goal
The campaign would revolve around their new seasonal branding and labels, but had to be tied in to the “Pepsi Swag” big idea. The brand also wanted to create a buzz around the season.

The How
We would launch a video and digital campaign around it to promote the new seasonal branding.

Our Work
We came up with the idea to use Santa Claus escaping to Sri Lanka on secret Christmas Holiday, instead of doing his what he normally does, and enjoying his holiday with Pepsi. This story was creatively told using an animated video, which also featured his trusty sidekick – an elf. The video also showed how Santa spread the “Christmas Magic” with Pepsi. And at the end of it, showing Santa sipping a cool Pepsi, we tied it into the “Pepsi Swag” big idea.

What We Achieved
We managed to connect the “Pepsi Swag” idea by showing Santa escaping to Sri Lanka and enjoying a holiday with Pepsi, and asking “Kohomada Swag Eka” and then introduced the new label. The campaign was a great success and received exceptional engagement across all social channels. (Introduce existing visibility numbers like views from DM)

The Heart and Mind
Through this campaign, we helped to create a seasonal buzz around Pepsi, and make people feel special that Santa had chosen Sri Lanka to escape to with a Pepsi!

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