Planetones – Painting Natural Dyes in a Colourful Light


Noyon Lanka has designed and engineered a range of natural dyes, and has unlocked technology that can create a rainbow of colours using these dyes. There is no longer a need to rely on destructive acid dyes, which are causing untold damage to natural eco systems.


To create a campaign to market the first-ever Control Union Certified 100% natural dyes to the apparel industry.


We came up with the brand name Planetones – a play on the phrase “the planet’s tones”, which clearly communicated the natural nature of the dyes. We also designed the logo and the brand guide. In terms of the visual execution of this campaign, we wanted to go with something that brought nature and synthetics together – that nature already has beautiful colours and Noyon Lanka has used these natural pigments to create sustainable natural dyes that work as well as traditional dyes that are harmful to the environment. We decided to make it a kind of “tribute to nature”, which resulted in us using the grand dyed fibre sculptures of nature depicting the sources of the pigments used in Planetones.

Our work

We developed a video that told the story of Planetones, along with a 360 campaign around it, around the theme Nature’s Canvas. The campaign stressed on Planetones being Control Union Certified 100% natural dyes, and we relied on our design philosophy, described above to establish a consistent brand identity.

As a 360 campaign, we utilized a range of touchpoints across different mediums including (owned media) social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, along with digital media such as video billboards and location branding. Paid media too was utilized in the form of Meta Ads and LinkedIn Ads, and this was further augmented with earned media, in the form of PR from the press.

We also came up with the unique sign-off and hashtag, #colourmeguiltfree, for Planetones, and this was used across our touchpoints to reinforce the message and encourage consumers to make conscious choices, with regard to eco-friendly alternatives, when purchasing apparel products.

What we achieved

The campaign effectively communicated the efficacy of the new range of natural dyes, establishing the brand in the market. It also communicated the benefits and cemented the idea that these are 100% natural dyes that can help apparel manufacturers be more sustainable.

Our 360 integrated approach worked marvellously to communicate the natural and sustainable nature of this product, across a variety of touchpoints, resulting in a very successful and impactful campaign.

(We will need to mention a non-figure based estimation of performance similar to how we have done with SLI. This is the quantifiable outcomes section whereas the ‘Heart and Mind’ is psychological. The quantifiable stuff shoud be allocated from DM)

Heart and Mind

Through this campaign, we were able to effectively introduce the first truly bold and vibrant range of natural dyes, and draw attention to the fact these are good for the planet, inspired by the planet’s tones but also vibrant enough to make an impression.

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