The story

There was a misconception settling in the South Asian market that Maggi was unhealthy for consumption due to harmful ingredients. AS a result, Maggi Rasamusu was beginning to lose share to competitors.

The goal

To reintroduce the brand as Sri Lanka’s household choice food seasoning, that makes every meal memorable with enhanced taste that also locks in all its nutritional values.

The how

By leveraging a locally-rooted insight. In local communities, validation of family is important for the mothers. They do this by trying their best to make their food the tastiest. And meal times become their basis to acquire this respect. At the same time, she is a universal symbol of safety, love and affection.

 The work

We curated two ethnically diverse films that demonstrate mothers innovating meal times, making every meal an occasion. Our campaign titled ‘Ek Kara, Guna Kara, Rasa Kara’, highlighted how flavor enhanced the ties between family members, orchestrated by mothers.

The effect

The campaign generated significant results meeting KPIs. Growth-wise, Rasamusu recorded a volume of 83% shattering the expected 30% target with a value growth of 119% to boot.

Moreover, this campaign marked a shift in focus from the long-time tactically-driven communication methods within the category to a ‘share of heart’ focused approach .

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