Softlogic Invest – This could be you

The Story
Softlogic Invest, the asset management arm of the Softlogic Group was out to redefine the investment culture of Sri Lanka.

The Goal
To soar as the most valuable investment company in the country by attracting a new breed of investment seekers.

The How
When Softlogic Invest launched into the market, the investment space in Sri Lanka was one that was built on archaic processes that was unattractive to youngsters and exclusive to those who belonged to a certain wealth category. With the clear aim of attracting the young generation to stimulate the investment sphere, and, thereby grow its market share, SLI made the bold move of making investment accessible to all!
We did this by taking the industry by storm; inviting anyone to invest with just 5,000/-! What’s more, it was a resounding ‘no’ to the laborious paperwork that usually came with investing by simplifying the process with a 6-step digitized solution.
That is how investment went from a highly-selective activity to one that was no more than a split-second decision championed by groundbreaking and collaborative decision-making.

The Work
We broadly targeted a diverse range of interactive touchpoints in the digital sphere to take our message to the young masses. It was a simple one: ‘Don’t just dream and start planning for those dreams!’. This is because our campaign was founded on a ubiquitous human insight – youth measure their success on material wealth.
We instigated thought-provoking conversations amongst our target groups via a creative rollout that showcased youth living out their dreams that centered around the big idea that ‘This could be you’.
It was also a campaign that continues to demonstrate longevity; ever-evolving with seasonal and other landmarks around the calendar whilst onboarding various partners and influencers.

The Effect
The campaign launched on facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Ads. And the results were resounding!
Supers: Reach 4.7 million | 20 million impressions | 300,000 clicks | 7700+ leads – LEADING TO 2200 new unit holders in just ONE year
All this in record time, propelling Softlogic Invest as the Highest Contributor to industry growth in the Equity Fund category AND second highest contributor in the money market category. (wins followed by graphics of trophies)

The Heart & Mind
And thus, we transformed an industry that was steeped in protocol and bureaucracy into one that thrives on dreams.

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