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Legendary cynic and comedian Bill Murray once quipped, ‘I won’t be impressed with technology until I

Well, now you almost can! Apps like Uber Eats & PickMe Food are revolutionizing ordering food in to wherever you are, from wherever you want; as long as it’s within their ever growing food delivery coverage areas. These food delivery apps are the dream of lazy foodies the world over and almost everyone else, as all you need to do is pick your restaurant and order using the app; no calls, no fuss and it’s all super easy.


In the past, ordering food delivery in SL was a nightmare! Well, at least it was little a bit annoying, having to call and order and then give directions etc… But no more! The tech revolution is hitting food delivery’s spot!


The Main Players


While Uber Eats with their quite catchy green bags with white branding is probably the most visible and arguably the most popular, PickMe Food is a close second but there are others (some of whom are much older) like Quickie.lk, Foodie.lk and iDelivery. In fact, while the SL food app revolution is only now in the news, it’s been going on for some time.


The Pioneers


Guys like Quickie and Speedee were some of the first on the scene in SL (even before smartphone apps) for easy delivery options from places that didn’t themselves provide delivery. You had to call and order and later online ordering was introduced. For those who lived through the beginnings of the ‘revolution’, few thrills were as epic as ordering Pilawoos in to house party or for an intimate group of friends sharing a late night tipple at home, or getting chasers as the night got wilder

or condoms as the night heated up or smokes as it cooled down 😛

Easy To Use and Beneficial All Round



But with the advent of food delivery apps, everything has changed and become so much more convenient and easy that lazy foodies must be wondering, why anyone bothers going out at all. No more calling, no more directions, no more laptops, no more trouble. Everything is easily accessible through your smartphone.

But what are the real benefits to all the parties involved; the consumer, the restaurant, the delivery person. Let’s take a look:

  • For the Consumer the benefits are quite obvious. Hassle free ordering and delivery, literally at the push of a tap-able button 😉 Additionally, these apps help you discover restaurants you might otherwise have not; you can literally order from any restaurant near you (or a little further away). There’s also the security of being able to track your delivery; nothing’s as reassuring as seeing your food make its way to you. No more restaurants lying to you and saying your food will arrive in 10 minutes, every 15 minutes, for an hour!


*Hot tip for Consumers: In an effort to compete for users and push the concept, the big guys like PickMe Food and Uber Eats don’t currently charge delivery fees. Don’t expect this utopia to last forever, but hey… Make hay whilst the sun shines, eh?

  • For Restaurants these apps provide extra visibility and also accessibility, yet another opportunity for digital marketers to latch on to in partnership with the platforms or otherwise. Some restaurants may not offer delivery but their customers can still have their food delivered. For restaurants that do deliver themselves, these services help ease their workload and make food delivery much more efficient. The platforms may also offer restaurants actionable data to help them improve their quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  • For Delivery Persons these platforms offer a reliable income opportunity on a flexible schedule as these guys can work when they want and deliver food on a bike.

All these apps are also super easy to use and easily accessible via your smartphone’s app store. Have you ordered food through any of these services yet? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!

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