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Recently we spoke about real-time marketing, which may also be called news-jacking. It involves taking advantage of current news events and social trends to promote a brand. You can learn more about real-time marketing here.


Here’s a list of our top picks of some really cool examples of real-time marketing campaigns we’ve seen in Sri Lanka. Check them out:


  • Avirate’s Lost Your Bra post – These guys capitalized on the pointless presidential style drama that went on over a woman who threw her bra at Enrique Iglesias when he performed live in Colombo by creating a post that read, ‘Lost your Bra @ Enrique? Get a new one at Avirate.’
  • Elephant House EGB’s Then & Now Post – At the time this post came up, there was a trend on social media to post ‘Then vs. Now’ pictures of people, places and objects. EGB capitalized on this trend, posting a Then & Now picture of a bottle of EGB.
  • Midnight Divas Glow in the Dark Bra – These guys capitalized on the power cuts that plagued Sri Lanka some time ago to market this product, relying on the popular idea that people with nothing to do during the power cuts would, well, get on with it.

Preethi Condoms – Capitalizing on the rise of the dollar against the rupee, Preethi condoms used a creatively crafted bit of innuendo in Sinhala to capitalize on the fact that ‘it’s not only the dollar that goes up’ 😉

  • Maliban Chocolate Biscuit’s Jana Balaya rally post – Two ‘protesters’ during the Jana Balaya Kolambata rally decided to showcase their (Dutch?) courage by climbing to the top of a lamppost. Maliban capitalized on this to say that ‘kids will do anything if you say they’ll get Maliban Chocolate Biscuits.’
  • Marmite’s ‘Any Shape is the Best Shape for Women’ post – In light of the heated controversy that a fitness establishment generated by suggesting that a barrel isn’t the right shape for a woman, Marmite capitalized on the situation and posted their own post about the ‘best shape for women’.
  • FriMi’s post about the Infinity War – FriMi capitalized on the popularity of the then new Marvel movie and posted an image showing the hand of Thanos holding a smartphone with FriMi loaded on it and a traditional wallet saying, ‘I don’t feel so good…’
  • Seylan Bank’s Laptop post – One of the (cringe-worthy?) highlights of the 2018 Sri Lanka Independence Day parade was a group of school students dancing with laptops in their hands. Seylan Bank capitalized on this to tell people that, ‘If you want to buy a laptop there’s no need to dance, dance and wait’. Instead, Seylan Bank could help you get your funds together.

Some Simple Tips to Keep in Mind


  • Keep your content relevant and appropriate (Don’t be a drunk uncle :-P) – Too general and you’ll be ignored, too focused and you’ll miss out on segments. Know who you’re talking to and treat them with respect.
  • Keep it simple (No one has time for soliloquies) – Complexity can ruin real-time marketing campaigns. Keep it simple, but creative.
  • Make it a priority (Be playful, but get taken seriously) – Be serious about it and follow a pattern. It shouldn’t be something you do sometimes or only when you feel like it.


All of these are excellent examples of real-time marketing that were executed right here in Sri Lanka. There are plenty more, both here and abroad, but these should serve to give you an idea of what real time marketing is.


Have you seen these posts yourself? Did you like them? Do you have any other examples you’d like to share? Start the conversation in the comments.

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