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We Had Facebook for Breakfast!


No, we didn’t actually eat them up, although we’d affectionately very much like to. 😀
Instead, we invited Facebook to come have breakfast with us and our clients.




Facebook is awesome for digital marketing and we wanted our clients to get some insights about digital marketing along with tips on planning, unblocking creative potential and new developments on Facebook’s multiple tools and channels.
Facebook’s Partner Manager for South Asian and South-East Asian Markets, Cindy Nguyen from Facebook’s APAC HQ in Singapore was the keynote presenter at the “Breakfast with Facebook” event, which was held at Jetwing Colombo 7.
This event was an exclusive Loops event and only our clients were invited to participate; including Sri Lankan giants such as MAS Holdings, John Keells Holdings, Brandix and DFCC Bank among others.

A View from the Inside

Cindy shared some awesome tips and insights about how marketers can leverage the power of Facebook’s multi-channel platform to deliver marketing content to the most relevant users. Being an insider she was able to share some very important and otherwise generally unavailable information on how digital advertising and marketing on Facebook can be optimized for best results.

A Special Relationship

Loops shares a close, reciprocal relationship with Facebook, which allows us to add massive value when providing digital services to our clients. Sri Lanka is an emerging market like most of our South Asian peers, but is often neglected. That’s why we’ve been at the forefront of building a strong relationship with Facebook to obtain support to better optimize Facebook advertising and content marketing for local brands and our international clients as well. We’re extremely happy, proud and grateful to say that we have received impressive levels of support from Facebook.

An Integrated Agency

While the focus of “Breakfast with Facebook” was digital marketing, Loops also took the opportunity to showcase the fact that we aren’t just a digital agency but an “integrated creative agency”; providing a full range of marketing services; including digital marketing services, animation, film production, web and IT solutions, augmented reality, virtual reality, gaming solutions, ATL & BTL advertising and other relevant services.
Because we deliver most of our services in-house and maintain reciprocal relationships with digital platforms like Facebook, Google and Viber, we are able to deliver high-quality expertise and major cost efficiencies to our clients and leverage our strengths to provide unmatched performance.

Happy Tummies

The Breakfast with Facebook event was ultimately a huge success and we received massive amounts of positive feedback from our clients and Facebook as well, and everyone enjoyed the hearty breakfast too.
We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Facebook (Cindy in particular) and all our clients who attended for taking the time to be with us and engage in sharing knowledge and ideas.

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